Insurance coverage is a safety measures method exactly where you may receive personal finance protection or reimbursement in opposition to charges sustained through the failures. Insurance cover provides banking guarantee, and serve as a protection net for your family. If you’re searching for the respected and proven protection plan insurance company, contemplate AIG Malaysia, one of the greatest insurance firms in Malaysia.

If you are looking for any one-stop insurance agency that will protect every aspect of yourself, then think about employing AIG Malaysia. AIG has home, car, travel, and private accident insurance, that can be used to make sure you require a secure backup plan in the event of unexpected accidents. AIG’s Travel Insurance policies include both domestic and in foreign lands travel alternatives. Some of the events that are covered by AIG include coverage of medical expenses in case of surprising accident or illness, delayed flights, lost baggage and more. Travel with peace of mind, understanding that you might be thoroughly protected!

AIG Malaysia

If you’re a house owner, you should think of benefiting from the way of home insurance to defend yourself against needless costs which could incur should your home or its contents are ruined. Property insurance is beneficial in guarding you against disasters, and robbery, or theft. AIG also offers personal assistance should you require different accommodation.

AIG’s vehicles insurance plans are focused on cover your vehicle against damage- including through accidents, fire, or thievery. AIG even offers a fundamental road support service should you be stranded on the road, including several customizable add-ons insurance coverages. Our devoted panel repair workshop gives 12 months of warranty on all fixes done.

Personal Accident Insurance plan is important in case of sudden and unanticipated accidents. AIG provides 6 different basic intends to suit your individual needs and add-on benefits like daily hospital income and medical expense reimbursements. This policy is also an annual coverage package. Consider protecting your future and a special loved one with AIG Malaysia’s insurance policies today. Insurance can provide you with the confidence and security to live your best life with serenity.

Get ready for the forthcoming ahead with AIG Malaysia’s comprehensive and versatile protection plan insurance policies. From vehicle insurance to personal accident insurance, with AIG’s great deal of products and policies, you can decide which products will continue to work best for you.