As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA has made history as a creator of product designs for outstanding athletes, running shoes sales and sports teams — football, running and training, golf, basketball and motorsports. PUMA’s headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with more than 14,000 employees in more than 120 countries.

The History of PUMA

Founded by brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler in 1919, PUMA originates from humble beginnings as a small factory in Germany. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin, all while sporting Dassler spikes. Since then, more world-class athletes are seen wearing Dassler shoes, creating an international breakthrough.


PUMA Sports

Today, the playing field is more diverse than ever. Be it on the running tracks, golf courses or the football field. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment to perform, from golf clubs to running shoes. Even when not doing sports, PUMA sports apparel is a versatile wear that you can style in various ways.

Practising Sustainability Through Sports

PUMA views sustainability in the same way they consider sports — it’s about figuring out and improving weaknesses to reach common goals. PUMA strives to create change through fashion and sportswear by improving social and environmental areas where they have the most significant impact, including Plastic & Oceans, Circularity, Biodiversity and more.

Better Innovations with PUMA

PUMA understands the importance of creation to level up on sports performance and to keep moving forward, grounded by science. At PUMA Innovation, five ethos drives innovation: be a pain, be connected, be brave, be open, and be ready. To create a final product, designers talk to athletes, look beyond their scope and adopt a human-centred focus in their designs.

PUMA #Reform

PUMA does not tolerate racism, bigotry, or police brutality and is committed to using its platform to push for change — this is why PUMA established #REFORM to stand up against social injustice. PUMA running shoes sale aims to amplify all Black voices within the workplace and donations to support organisations and initiatives for the Black Lives Matter movement.

About MILO®

Generally known as Malaysians’ most adored delicious chocolate malt consume manufacturer, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia as a drink powder created to create energy. Today, MILO drink® is produced in over 24 factories globally and purchased in more than 40 countries around the world; its unique, delicious chocolate flavours are loved by many people.

MILO® Rewards

A helping of MILO® can provide you with the vitality you want for your personal everyday routines. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, which makes up 6% of your own power per day. It is additionally loaded with milk like a way to obtain protein and calcium supplement, minerals and vitamins to advertise productive vitality release.

The Popular MILO® Powder

MILO® is well-known among Malaysians for its natural powder consume. With just a couple tablespoons of MILO® natural powder, you can serve MILO® in a variety of techniques. Serve your MILO® very hot to start out your day during morning meal or with ice cubes for any rejuvenating beverage on a hot evening.


MILO® On-the-Go

Should you need MILO® instantly, you will find all set-to-drink items for your benefit. Take pleasure in the tasty goodness of MILO anywhere you go in several thrilling flavours that make you stay motivated out and about. You can also get MILO® in a container with MILO® UHT that could enhance your meals.

Have Breakfast With MILO®

MILO® now offers many different products that one could get pleasure from for breakfast. Start your day with Nutri Your morning meal immediate oat meal, filled with the goodness of oats as well as the delicious flavor of genuine banana pieces. Also you can attempt MILO® With Wholegrain Breakfast cereal to include a lot more fibre for your diet plan.

MILO® Dairy products-Free of charge Alternative

Shoppers of dairy-free of charge products can continue to take advantage of the benefits and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy products Free of charge Almond is reduced in body fat and an excellent source of vegetation-based proteins. MILO® Dairy products Cost-free is ideal if you’re lactose intolerant or getting excited about a grow-centered diet plan.

Healthy Lifestyle With MILO®

MILO® always promotes Malaysians to add healthier life-style inside their daily lives. MILO® has pursuits and campaigns for individuals of every age group to participate in in endeavours to be a lot more energetic. You will find pursuits like athletics classes for youths, backyard situations, and more.

Why Choose MILO®?

MILO® has been a decision in lots of Malaysian homes for its diverse flavours and nutritional values. The brand’s great deal of merchandise can be associated with your diet and fit your diet choices. MILO drink® also strives to produce Malaysia healthier using their initiatives.

Summary of Maggi

Starting in Switzerland and paid out in Malaysia after freedom, Maggi is well-known for food items that Malaysians cherish, like instant noodles and seasonings. Our success is earning Precious metal to the 2019 Putra Brand name Prizes 2019 under Nestle. Malaysians enjoy using Maggi as it is halal food and items that could make ayam masak kicap preparation very simple.

Products From Maggi

Maggi is recognised for immediate noodles in several flavours like curry and chicken breast. But we also have other goods like sauces, like chilli and oyster sauce, which are utilised as condiments or added to your cooking. Cooking food is easier with this seasoning, like our fowl and beef stock cubes. You can consider our combines and instant spaghetti to create a fast meal.

Maggi’s Essential Tasty recipes

We have straightforward recipes that you should make with products from Maggi. We have now poultry tasty recipes, including our sambal fowl made in Maggi soy sauce or even tasty fowl rendang created using Maggi CukupRasa. Quality beef recipes are far more delicious with the meat broth cubes, like the formula for meat dendeng and tasty beef fried noodles.

Maggi MY

Instantly Tasty Foods with Maggi

Make easy meals with the seasoning! Our Nasi Goreng Kampung seasoning can allow you to make fried rice very quickly. Make fast seafood food with the products! Using our Tomyum Mixture, you can consider our hot and spicy sour prawns menu. Give your family a good dinner with our organic recipes, like salted seafood kailan made using Maggi Ikan Bilis cube.

Overseas Foods With Maggi

Provide the world’s cuisine in the home with Maggi. We now have American recipes like mac and cheddar cheese or foods through the East, for example, the black pepper beef blend fry made out of Maggi’s premix provides. Make a well-known recipe from Japan with this quick teriyaki poultry dish, and prepare Arabic meals together with the Fowl Arab Rice prepared with tomato sauce and stock cubes.

Be Exclusive With Maggi

Maggi goods are well identified worldwide, and individuals have provided them in dessert recipes. In a few components around the globe, kheer, a traditional Indian rice whole milk pudding, have Maggi’s quick noodles contained in it. In addition, goody recipes like potato chips have been attempted with Maggi items by residence cooks food.

Beneficial Guides By Maggi

We suggest you optimise your food preparation to help you spend more time with the family. Maggi can assist you in obtaining a perfect couple of pasta, frying seafood appropriately, or cooking properly to spend less time and overall health. You can even find out about decluttering your home to give you an excellent preparing food area in your house.

Why Opt for Maggi?

Opt for Maggi as your cooking companion now to get a headache-cost-free and quick dinner preparation in your own home. Our items can enhance numerous dishes with adaptable techniques to ensure that you can prepare food something readily available within your kitchen pantry. Our excellent quality ayam masak kicap recipes can also motivate you to generate several effortless foods to acquire out-of-menu ruts.

How do brands make their business offerings stand out in a competitive digital landscape? Having a great digital marketing strategy is the answer. Emperikal is an SEO experts Malaysia that can help you grow your business by combining creative content and data-driven execution to drive customer engagement and make your brand shine.

A Brief Introduction to Emperikal

It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce CEO or a mechanic; your business depends on knowing how to harness the online marketplace effectively. Emperikal is here to help boost your business’s online presence with a mixture of creativity, passion and data to craft the right marketing strategies to push your business to greater heights.

Boosting Brand Visibility Online

Make your brand stand out in the digital landscape with the help of effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to expand its outreach and online visibility. At Emperikal, each SEO campaign is tailored to focus on five main aspects: keywords, site content, technical infrastructure, link development and social media best practices.


Creating Your Brand Image

Your website design is the natural extension of your brand’s story, so set the tone for your online presence in the best way. Emperikal is about excellent web design that brings your business to the next level. Our designers work closely with you and your team to ensure that your new website represents your brand image, providing ideas to craft an immersive user experience for better engagement.

Maximising Business Returns

The most impactful advertising highlights products and services consumers are already interested in. Our search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns leverage contextual targeting, interest targeting and direct placements to produce highly measurable results and maximise client returns.

Engaging Your Audience

In a dynamic digital landscape, your brand’s marketing needs to change and evolve from time to time. Our creative team at Emperikal will deliver the most impressionable visuals to engage your target audience. By utilising eye-catching creative assets in your business strategy, driving sales growth and engaging your target audience is possible. We’ve covered them, from social media images to branding and design.

Producing Quality Digital Content

How do you reach out to your audience and connect with them on the Internet? Content marketing is the solution. Emperikal helps you reach your marketing goals by using engaging materials and a comprehensive strategy to help your brand expand further online and offline. The content creation team writes digital materials such as e-brochures, blog posts, online articles and social media posts to add value to your digital marketing assets.

Build Your Brand with Emperikal

Running digital marketing campaigns is like going into unchartered territory for some businesses; worry not, Emperikal is here to help your brand grow. Our team is ready to provide your business with digital marketing services covering web development, SEO experts Malaysia and social media marketing to further your brand.

The digital world is competitive for brands to make their products and services stand out. To outperform the rest, every brand must have a solid digital marketing strategy that combines an outstanding execution team, adequate resources and a data-driven approach. Emperikal is a digital marketing services Malaysia agency that provides all you need to bring your business to the next level with creative, marketing and web development services.

Understanding Emperikal

It doesn’t matter whether you are an e-commerce CEO or a mechanic; your business depends on knowing how to harness the online marketplace effectively. Emperikal is here to help boost your business’s online presence with a mixture of creativity, passion and data to craft the right marketing strategies to push your business to greater heights.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

A good search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy focuses on boosting brand visibility in a marketplace, gaining leads and sales opportunities that will lead to web traffic growth over time. With the help of Emperikal, kick start your brand with a solid SEO marketing strategy that incorporates keyword research, competitor analysis, content creation, and technical and analytical implementations.


Web Development Services

Graphic and web design are more than just pretty images and formats; it is crucial to set a tone for your online presence. Creatively present your brand story with Emperikal. Our designers take on a collaborative approach to design, working with our content and technical team to create content to maximise users’ experience and boost customer engagement.

Performance Marketing Services

Bring your business to greater heights with a robust search engine marketing campaign (SEM) to drive traffic to your website. The SEM team at Emperikal devised an SEM campaign to drive results based on these processes: strategic search engine selection, comprehensive keyword research, practical bid strategy, and identifying relevant landing pages.

Setting A Creative Direction

We know that you want the best marketing strategy for your brand, and creative content creation for digital marketing is a great tool to build your brand. Our creative experts at Emperikal deliver eye-catching graphics, visually-appealing digital ads and a well-designed landing page to keep your audience engaged, which could translate into more clicks and revenue.

Social Media & Content Marketing Services

Content marketing adds value to your digital marketing assets. It creates an online presence for your business. Discover your target audience with the help of Emperikal’s content team. We are focused on delivering relatable content tailored to appeal to your audience, optimised for results to achieve your marketing goals. This will increase sales as your active and engaged customer base grows in the long run.

Build Your Brand with Emperikal

The digital presence of your brand or business is the natural extension of your brand’s story and image. Craft an impressionable brand image online with Emperikal with digital marketing tools such as content creation, web development and social media marketing to give users an immersive brand experience and drive sales revenue. Visit our website for more about digital marketing services Malaysia.

Acquire your prospects the Jobstreet’s way

Everybody recognises that managing a business isn’t a mere feat, and it is far more difficult to drive your company to the top. An outstanding company relies on numerous scenarios, most of which include the appropriate strategy, timing, product offering, and type of audience.

The journey to prevailing a company is no smooth-sailing. 1 essential facet of a very good firm is to generate the most effective affiliates. When you have a great team, issues could easily be cured as well as warded off. Should you have a team of individuals employing great skills and individual successes, you may be a step closer to the flourishing of the company.

Hiring the most ideal job seeker is generally wearying, particularly for human resource managers ahead of the development of technological innovation. Word-of-mouth, bulletin boards and then later, ads in newsprint were the only process of staffing. Handling the database of possible employees was also complex as cvs were created on physical documents up until recently, causing it to be challenging to access and organise job applications.

The introduction of computers and worldwide webs provides us a beacon of hope while hiring job seekers. Currently, online recruitment permits you to reach a greater scope of individuals, world-wide. It also breaks time restraints, brings down cost and minimizes waste or resources.

Mark Chang Mun Kee first founded Jobstreet in 1997 hoping to provide a web-based platform to match up job hunters and businesses. Around a decade later on, it has become one of Southeast Asia’s best online employment marketplace. At present, the website serves 80 thousand corporate clients and 11 million job hunters by simplifying the communication and matching of career opportunities between recruiters and job finders.

For the valued online subscribers, Jobstreet provides nothing short of top-class support. Through the website internet site, job seekers can build a professional profile and find ideal job openings. Firms, on one hand, post job adverts through integrated sourcing in order to attract and interact with potential staff. While awaiting responses from the job advertisements, firms also can search online for the most qualified individuals with Jobstreet’s talent search service.

The candidate selection process evolves for the better thanks to Jobstreet. At this time, with larger data pools, advanced employee filtering systems, and updated communication tools, the process of recruiting the right talent for the institution is more effortless than ever.

Malaysia is the home ground of Jobstreet’s headquarters but has widened to cover Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, as well as Hong Kong and more. Jobstreet strives to boost the true potential of the labor force in general by accurately matching trustworthy corporations with zealous talents around the region.

To Conclude

Should you wish to hire any promising applicants, why not visit Jobstreet employer site to get the employees that can help your team proceed further beyond the boundaries, at

A breakdown of E-cigs

E-cigarettes or e-cigs are battery-operated devices that turn liquid nicotine into vapour. It’s meant to provide a similar experience to smoking without the need of tobacco burning involved, which is thought to be useful for quitting smoking. Regulation of e-cigs differs across countries since it is still an emerging market.

Who Invented The Modern-day E-cigarette?

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the pioneer commercially successful e-cigarette in Beijing, China. His invention functions by heating the flavoured solution into vapour which the user will inhale. Today, modern-day e-cigs that have the same designs are found all around the globe. Brands like NanoSTIX has also made e-cigs accessible for users.

E-cigarettes inside the Cultural Zeitgeist

Since its introduction in 2003, the popularity of e-cigarettes might have been rapidly increasing globally. In 2012, there was clearly a sharp rise of vapers with youths and the younger generation to be the most usual users. The cause of the gathering popularity of e-cigarettes would be the belief that it assists in stop smoking, in fact, it is safer than traditional cigarettes.


All Kinds Of E-cigarettes Types

Vape users have a wide array of e-cigarette types that they can make a choice from. Pod kits, sub-ohm mods and starter pens are just some e-cigs you can get. Many users choose influenced by their own personal preferences and requirements. As an example,, NanoSTIX’s vape pens are ideal for anyone looking a lightweight, sleek and uncomplicated e-cig.

A Vape Pen for the Modern Man

The main portions of vape pens are rechargeable batteries, cartridges, lightweight casing in addition to a heating unit. The user activates the heating unit whenever they breathe because of the mouthpiece. The liquid nicotine will become a vapour that the user inhales. Brands like NanoSTIX provides flavoured liquids like lemonade and orange, raising the vape experience.

Factors That Cause Vaping

There are several reasons that generate vaping, the most common being to give up smoking. Some may view sampling and tinkering with e-juice flavours from NanoSTIX as an effective fun pastime. Others might just do it to release. Finding community and belonging is yet another factor of why a lot of people vape. For a variety of users, vaping appears to have been adopted as a lifestyle.

The Negative Impacts of E-cigarettes

Health risks of e-cigarettes has sparked a running debate: can they be much better than tobacco cigarettes? An extensive claim is that it is not going to contain harmful substances obtained in cigarettes like tar. Labeling will help you a better option for smokers attempting to kick the habit. Nevertheless, there is not enough research to back up of dismiss this claim.

E-cigarettes and Regulations

“Respective countries determine regulation policies of e-cigarettes. As for instance, Japan and Thailand are some countries that have completely banned e-cigarettes, while other states have no laws against it. In Malaysia, the usage isn’t outlawed, but advertising e-cigarettes is prohibiteed. Offers to introduce stricter regulations may just be produced by the Malaysian government.”

E-cigarettes, Vaping And The Future

Despite criticism, the e-cigarette market will continue to thrive. Both users and developers of e-cigarettes tend to be younger as opposed to the traditional cigarette industry. This provides room for product improvement and growth for that market. NanoSTIX is just about the major players in the business that will carry on and bring the e-cigarette industry to new heights. Visit for more info.

About MILO®

Known as Malaysians’ most liked delicious chocolate malt consume manufacturer, MILO® hails Nestlé Australia being a drink powder built to develop energy. Right now, MILO® is made in over 24 production facilities around the world and purchased in a lot more than 40 countries around the world, and its particular distinctive chocolate flavours are liked by a lot of.

MILO® Advantages

A serving of MILO® can provide you with the electricity you require for your day-to-day programs. A cup of MILO® contains 124kcal, helping to make up 6% of your respective electricity each day. Additionally it is full of whole milk being a source of proteins and calcium, nutritional vitamins to enhance efficient vitality discharge.

The Renowned MILO® Powder

MILO® is well known among Malaysians due to its natural powder consume. With only a few tablespoons of MILO® powder, you may assist MILO® in a variety of approaches. Provide your MILO® popular to start your day during your morning meal or with an ice pack for a relaxing beverage over a hot mid-day.

MILO® On-the-Go

If you want MILO® immediately, you can find completely ready-to-drink merchandise for your benefit. Enjoy the tasty goodness of MILO wherever you go in numerous exciting flavours that make you stay motivated out and about. Also you can get MILO® inside a container with MILO® UHT that may complement meals.

Have Breakfast time With MILO®

MILO® also provides a number of products you could appreciate in the morning. Commence the day with Nutri Your morning meal immediate oat meal, loaded with the goodness of oats and the tasty style of traditional banana items. You can even try out MILO® With Whole Grain Cereal to incorporate much more fibre for your diet plan.

MILO® Dairy products-Cost-free Option

Consumers of dairy products-cost-free goods can still take advantage of the positive aspects and deliciousness of MILO®. MILO® Dairy Free Almond is low in extra fat and an excellent source of plant-dependent healthy proteins. MILO® Dairy products Free of charge is ideal if you’re lactose intolerant or looking towards a herb-based diet.

Healthy Way of living With MILO®

MILO® always promotes Malaysians to incorporate healthful way of life inside their lives. MILO® has actions and activities for people of any age to sign up in efforts to become far more active. You will find pursuits like sports classes for youths, exterior activities, and a lot more.

Why Opt for MILO®?

MILO® has become a choice in lots of Malaysian families for its diverse flavours and nutritious beliefs. The brand’s great deal of products might be associated with your foods and satisfy your nutritional choices. MILO® also aims to make Malaysia much healthier making use of their projects.