RHB Bank to Expand Growth Within SEA

Up to date, RHB Bank is regarded as the main player in the Malaysian finance and banking niche. Looking to grow the horizon within the SEA region, they have laid their foundation in countries which include Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, and Singapore. In guaranteeing that the company is scalable, RHB introduced an assortment of banking services to businesses and individuals for both personal and commercial needs.

Probably the most common yet elemental services provided to individuals are deposit account and self-banking services. With a competitive rate of interest and accessibility of CDM and ATM in the bank branches and other strategic locations across Malaysia, customers can take advantage of maximum savings return while at the same time connect to their bank account for deposit and withdrawal effortlessly anytime.

The shift from classic purchasing method using cash to cashless method has also increased the demand for credit cards. As proven in the reports from many analyses conducted, the acceptance towards the e-payment method by the public is showing dramatic growth. Hence, credit cards are becoming popular as cardholders can certainly make online purchases without difficulty.

RHB Bank

RHB Bank knows that it is critical to lower the visible difference between supply and demand. For this reason, they also have formulated an interesting credit card plan which provides value such as cashback rewards that gets larger as more transactions are increasingly being made by cardholders consistently over time.

Individuals will usually require more than credit cards and savings accounts, and RHB knows that well. Today, many have struggled to get a loan to acquire assets like homes & cars. And so, the Bank started to create a personal loan structure that benefits both sides with the lowest interest rate for quite a few loan types. Besides, individuals may be able to subscribe to various kinds of insurance plans and make financial investments together with the Bank.

For entrepreneurs and corporate organizations, they could connect with RHB Bank for corporate banking facilities. Businesses may make an application for business loans when they are interested, and then they also can engage in some other sort of corporate banking facilities. As some businesses requested, RHB Bank even offers online cash management services.

There is one special category of customers which could reap out the most advantages of this: the SMEs. The services made available by RHB Bank can really make it possible for them to get more capital to develop their business by making application for the loan. Additionally, SMEs within the e-commerce industry also can subscribe to RHB’s reliable retail solutions.

Notwithstanding, the bank never lost focus on Syariah-compliant financial instruments. This is certainly principally due to increased demand by the public in Malaysia. That being said, banking facilities that adhere to the minimum Syariah requirement which include Islamic treasury, Islamic corporate banking, unit trust, and wealth management services are now being introduced.

RHB Bank has seen a 24% annual brand value increase in 2016 which automatically places them within the top five positions for banks in the local market. In anticipation of the upcoming market growth, the Bank has begun strategizing a more proactive approach to keep its rate of growth steady for years to come.

An Overview Of Abbott Nutrition’s Kid Nutrition Products and solutions

The current market is right now flooded with dietary supplements promising many of the richness of nutrition for your requirements in addition to your child. Since this could possibly cause the paradox of choice, we feel that it really is necessary for us to show some good information over the different types of formula milk by Abbott Nutrition within the market, namely their features, and who should consume them.

Pediasure is specially formulated as a form of nutrition supplement for fussy-eating kids. The issue with fussy eaters is really because they unknowingly denied themselves from consuming the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and various nutrients. A deficiency inside the essential goodness can make the child weak and at risk of illness. The good part about it is, through drinking 3 cups of Pediasure every day, your sons or daughters are able to get all the nutrients and consequently boosting their body’s defense mechanisms.

Pediasure contains the whole set of nutrients was required to ensure steady growth. This formula milk contains biotin, Vitamin A & B12, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, as well as nutrients that all serve the specific purpose that attributes for the same objective, that could be optimum both mental and physical growth.


Similac. This formula milk is actually created specifically to improve children’s learning abilities. It is actually set with DHA, lutein, ARA, choline, natural vitamin E, and a couple of other key nutrients that are fundamental to enable more brain cell connections. The formula is quite suited to kids between one to ten years.

For mums while being pregnant and lactation period, try Similac Mom. This is definitely another quality product from Abbott Nutrition this really is enriched with 23 different nutrients. Drinking and consuming Similac Mom really helps to supplement the nutrients needed by the mother, so the fetus and infant may possibly receive enough nutrients for healthy growth.

Ensure is known as a formulation focused on frail and the elderly. Those who have low energy levels may benefit the most from Ensure. Ensure will give you an identical degree of calories as per Pediasure. However, an adult’s nutritional needs are substantially dissimilar to that of a kid’s. The formula is tweaked in order that it contains more Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. In addition to that, a lot more chromium, niacin, and selenium.

The planet’s leading scientists have expertly developed the Ensure formula with several clinical studies. Abbott Nutrition upholds a high standard to present adults everywhere an excellent lifestyle by means of cutting-edge formulas to reach the changing nutrition needs. Ensure works hard to help babies and kids grow, keep bodies strong, and aid the everyday requirements of older people.

As a result, Abbott Nutrition is a manufacturer that offers lots of the nutritional capabilities that are required that may help develop babies, kids, and adults with their mental and physical growth. Pediasure aims to fulfill any nutritional gaps for the children aged between 1-10 who are generally fussy making use of their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to improve a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure is targeted for the older audience to individuals who definitely are dealing with nutrition deficiency. For having a comprehensive nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition.

Why Should You Go For Abbott Nutrition & Infant Formula

Parents in many cases are spoilt for choice in relation to purchasing nutrition supplements for his or her kid. You will discover just too many in the market. How can you ensure your kids obtain the right balance of nutrition growing up? Here, we’re going to provide you with a factual review of Abbott Nutrition products, that can assist you in order to make that important decision.

Pediasure is specially formulated to provide a nutrition supplement for fussy-eating kids. The issue with fussy eaters is that they unknowingly denied themselves from consuming the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and various other nutrients. An insufficiency within the essential nutrient elements together definitely makes the child weak and prone to illness. Nice thing about it is, by only drinking 3 servings of Pediasure every day, your sons or daughters are certain to get all the nutrients and therefore boosting their defense system.

Pediasure contains most of the nutrients needed to ensure steady growth. This formula milk contains biotin, Vitamin A & B12, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, in addition to nutrients that each serves the precise purpose that provides towards the same objective, which is certainly optimum physical and mental growth.

nutrition for kids

Similac formula is established to assist the kid’s brain. A combination of lutein, ARA, vitamin E, Taurine, DHA, Iron, Iodine, choline and more enables mental performance to absorb and process information quicker. Developed for kids from One to ten years of age, that happens to be within a major development stage of the lives.

Similac can help to support a baby’s overall growth that includes their brain, eye, and defense system. The results for each ingredient are; DHA assists in the improve brain development, Lutein is definitely a nutrient discovered in breast milk that is needed for improving eye health. Vitamin E is essential for supporting cell development, Nucleotides tend to be the foundation for establishing a strong natural immunity, Antioxidants helps to protect your baby’s cells with nutrients like vitamin C, E, and selenium. And conclusively, Prebiotics for encouraging digestive health to acquire a stronger body’s defense mechanisms.

Ensure®. On the contrary, Ensure is seen as a formula that has been produced for physically fragile adults with low vitality, which includes the elderly. Even though it contains the same calories as Pediasure, this product’s formulation is actually adjusted based on the geriatric population’s daily needs, by using a higher number of biotin, copper, chromium, magnesium, niacin, selenium, and much more.

Earth’s leading scientists have expertly developed the Ensure formula with several studies. Abbott Nutrition upholds an increased standard to present adults everywhere a good daily life by means of cutting-edge formulas to meet up with the changing nutrition needs. Ensure works in order to help babies and kids grow, keep bodies strong, and assist the everyday requirements of the elderly.

Finally, Abbott Nutrition is a brand that can offer all the nutritional capabilities that are required to assist you to develop babies, adults, and children in relation to their mental and physical growth. Pediasure aims to meet up with any nutritional gaps for children aged between 1-10 that happen to be generally fussy with regards to their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to cultivate a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure is targeted towards the older audience to the people who are troubled with nutrition deficiency. For having a complete nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition.

Reasons Behind the Magic

Personal grooming is amongst the discussed topics among both men and women, especially shaving. However, if compared, men talk about shaving more, in fact, it is highly understandable because men’s genetic renders them hairier. Shaving certainly holds its benefits and a lot most likely are not informed about it.

First of all, its not all males are blessed with dense facial hair. While not scientifically proven, shaving could actually accelerate hair growth. For men that cannot even grow a stubble on their faces, perhaps it’s highly recommended for them to shave every day. At some point, some might even be capable of grow a full beard.

In addition, using shaving cream or gel throughout the shaving process can really help in scrubbing away the old skin debris on your face. Most people use scrubbing products to scrub away their old skin debris. However, frequent scrubbing will trigger acne on the face. By shaving daily, dead skin cells can be taken out without scrubbing your face.


If you want to have a meeting with your boss or maybe client it’s necessary to be able to look clean, energetic and ecstasy. The gentleman’s smile might affect the outcome of a meeting. You will never know? Shaving on a regular basis tends to make the face looks younger and ready for the challenges.

On the whole, shaving routinely will bring so many advantages to you. It helps people to look skilled, tidy, clean, and overall great over the daily or if you’ve got memorable days. When you look great you are going to feel your very best too.

Do you want to start the action of shaving regularly now? Discover Shaves2u. They feature high-quality razors for daily use. Other than that, they even have high-quality shaving creams and aftershave to prepare you with the daily shaving routine. The products can be purchased in the Malaysian, Singaporean and Korean markets.

Shaving daily means you need to change the blades of your shaver on a regular basis and Shaves2u contain the answer for you. You can sign up for their monthly subscription. Afraid to take the jump for new products? Fret not! Shaves2u will let you sign up for a totally free trial of their product when you take the monthly subscription. Pay just RM6.50 for shipping!

Shaves2u also provides shaving products for females. For girls who’re too busy to hunt down shaving products every month, you can now sign up for a month to month plan to have your shaving products delivered to you each month. Seeking a present for your girlfriend or wife? Check out Shaves2u for some female shaving products.

Get your strategic partner in a self-care session? Discover more our service and product at Shaves2u.com. We realize you’re the one who really cares about ROI, do check out our trial kit and just pay for shipping! Our trial is 5 blades razor with premium handle and not some freaking free items. Start now!

Put Brands Aside: What Makes the right Smartphones?

People can relate, if it is time for a whole new smartphone, seems easier than it is. Plenty of brands and they all have multiple models, but aside from the fancy color, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the perfect smartphone. We present you with the right sound advice that you can take into consideration when purchasing a smartphone.

Operating System. You will discover mainly 2 kinds of Operating system – Android & iOS. Based on users, iOS might be less difficult to use, but Android provides more personal preference. So that you can have the ability to make use of the latest apps first, buy the iPhone. However, you’re searching for more hardware options, for example, Vivo, Huawei, or Oppo, then Android is almost certainly to get started with.

Size matters, also for your smartphone screen. When you are the type of person who enjoys playing games and watching videos for several hours, a greater screen is correct for you. However, if you enjoy a smartphone that simply fits in your pocket, you really should consider acquiring a smaller smartphone compared to 5.5-inch iPhones S.


Also, a good quality display quality can make or break a smartphone. Usually, the color quality and brightness of the display directly affect your user experience. An increased resolution is a great one to have, but it is genuinely overrated. should you be outdoors, a well-balanced screen brightness just might help you conserve the life of the battery while enabling you to makes use of the phone easily.

Camera Performance. The initial rule about camera performance is always to neglect the megapixels. Instead, you need to concentrate on other specifications, for example, the aperture and other special features. Some phones, like Vivo, has got the best smartphone camera with dual-lens that should create stunning images. These are the basic types of features you want to give you the most wonderful selfie.

A fantastic smartphone ought to have at the very least 32GB of internal space for storage. If you take pictures using your smartphone frequently, your phone storage is likely to get full very fast. If you love excellent pictures and download videos online, you will delete all of your storage in a Few weeks. If you are using the iPhone, it’s not possible to extend your storage capacity using external memory cards. If you utilize Android phones, you are able to usually add memory cards, depending upon the kind of the smartphone.

Power. Well, no matter how powerful your smartphone is, they mean nothing when it only lasts several hours per charge. It’s well known that having to carry a power bank consistently is admittedly annoying. Therefore, when you have a phone, hunt for the ones much more than 3,000 mAh, and you’ll be fine.

Other Features. A number of times, you might have a distinctive need in the case of acquiring the right mobile phone. For instance, buttonless surface, waterproof design, plus dual sight mode might be fun and helpful to have whenever you need them.

At the end of the day, it’s relating to what you want in a smartphone. Smartphones shall no longer be a luxurious purchase because you can acquire an affordable smartphone easily. You’ll get what you pay for. Then again, the days are gone where smartphones belong solely to the middle and upper class.

Your small business is flourishing and everything is going fairly well. You’ve decided to expand and now you need to start looking for new hires. This process can be a huge headache, but recruit ment sites like Jobstreet Malaysia are making the process easier for everyone. Here’s how online recruiting may be better for your company!

Cheaper than traditional recruiting agencies

Recruiting agency can cost a ton and smaller and medium enterprises may not have the capital to hire their services. Luckily, online recruitment sites have flexible packages that have fees that are significantly lower than agencies. These sites are not just job portals, as some have services like online recruitment and outsourced human capital service.

Jobstreet Malaysia Jobstreet MYBetter reach and visibility 

Displaying your ad online increases its visibility, especially among millennials and first-time jobseekers. These fresh graduates and raw talent are most likely searching for job opportunities through search engines, so having your job ad on a site like Jobstreet would give you the advantage of reaching into a whole new market of talent.

Builds online presence

If you’re a new brand that’s growing quite rapidly, listing your vacancies online helps add to your online presence. Take your business a step further by establishing yourself competitively into the recruitment market. Your position offer, employee benefits and even salary displayed on your ad helps add on to your online image. Therefore this can be beneficial, but do be mindful of what you’ll be offering and posting


If you are a company that has a vacancy to offer to talented and professional jobseeker, wait no longer and list your ad on a recruitment site like Jobstreet Malaysia! The job matching engine works wonders to target your ad to the right candidates. Click here https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/cms/employer/ to learn more.


The necessity of language learning

Language can be a powerful communication tool a person can have. By using a common language, even people from different countries and cultural backgrounds can communicate and understand one particular another. The ability to speak and understand multiple languages is way more valuable than people might think, as it might result in better job prospects and brain health.

Picking up a completely new language

Of all the languages around the planet, learning an EU language provides more advantages than others. When studying an international language, the top surface five languages people have a tendency to choose are English, French, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin. Learning these kinds of languages at learning centres like for example Spanish World Group might be great for your daily routine in lots of ways.

Reasons why you should get into a foreign language

Being fluent in multiple languages has grown to become a bigger factor in this global society. It shows adaptability, therefore, the skill to process new information. Being bilingual unlocks many opportunities in our life, including in careers and relationships. Learning an innovative language also helps in understanding other cultures and seeing things in a variety of perspectives.

Learn Spanish Today

When mastering a completely new language, you’ll discover free language-related apps you that can make your journey easier. Some apps offer language lessons, while other people can help you to translate unfamiliar words. Using the internet and then the technology we have as we speak, there is no excuse to converse we not able to select an international language.

Learning New Languages Is Usually Fun

Discovering a new language needs time and dedication, but it really doesn’t need to be boring. There are many different fun methods of take up a foreign language, as an example of watching an international film without subtitles or customize the language settings on your phone. Communicating with a local speaker is without question the fastest method of understanding a new language.

Should You Have a Language Limit?

Everyone learns at a different pace, including reading a foreign language. When studying a new language, quite a few people can give attention to multiple languages all at once; others really need to learn one language at a time. Regardless of which could be your learning style is, acquiring a language requires a great deal of time and use.

Spanish World

Learn anytime, anywhere

Learning is seen as a lifetime process. No matter you are real, you could still learn new things, including new languages. Besides schools and universities, one can learn a fabulous language through a trusted language centre along the lines of the Spanish World, a leading language group in Malaysia. Additional tactics you can consider include self-learning and throughout online courses that is certainly flexible for most people.

Creating technology to speed up the learning process

To help your language learning skills, you can select to use language-related apps as other options to usual coursework and exercises. There are a number of free mobile apps that give in-app language lessons that produce learning easier on-the-go. Furthermore, using online translators can also help, especially during instances where you stand while using the language in the real world.

Pickup an exciting new language today

An individual who speaks a couple of language has more advantages than somebody that speaks only one. Some find it just like a chore to learn a foreign language, but it is worth the cost considering that it can be useful for all aspects of your own life. Gain knowledge from the best at Spanish World, the reputable foreign language learning centre. Visit https://www.spanishworld.my/ for more information.

Comprehensive Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

In almost Sixty years since its inception in 1953, AIG Malaysia serves us with insurance & risk management solutions that customized in order to suit the demands of businesses and individuals. With 15 offices nationwide and growing, AIG’s operation is sustained by a big network of brokers, agents, and schemes. These resources have enabled them to deliver very high-quality delivery in terms of services and exceeds clients’ expectations.

Your life or business without being insured up against the uncertain future is frightening for individuals and businesses. To provide both categories of customers a mental comfort, AIG Malaysia has formulated unique variations of offerings that will satisfy their needs.

Possessing a property registered under one’s name tends to be terrifying without insurance coverage, simply because it can cause significant loss the moment the unwanted happens. Hence, the Malaysian government makes it mandatory buying insurance whenever individuals buy a car possibly a house. Through the insurer’s side like AIG, they are doing their thing by being sure that the clients are fully covered from most risks that have been commonly connected with cars and homes.


Nonetheless, possibly the most precious thing individuals would get is their own well-being and health. Even though it used to be a challenge for insurers like AIG to educate the public regarding the needs to purchase health insurance, this has now seen a steady surge in numbers of purchases made on account of the hassle they’ve designed to create awareness.

As a consequence of a sturdy economic growth and cheaper traveling costs across nations, individuals travel more for both business and leisure. Making “let us “jaga” you on your trip” their tagline, all AIG desired to do is to try to offer complete insurance protection so that individuals can travel which includes an assurance, realizing that they have everything covered.

For corporations, AIG offers adaptable risk management solutions that assist them to protect their business from unforeseen loss. These are generally free to sign up for any variety of insurance, which includes the property insurance, manufacturing related insurance, insurance involving financial lines, or even just group employee benefits insurance within their employees’ medical & health benefits with AIG.

Businesses from manufacturing, financial institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, and even the media & technology sector can eventually profit by this unique plan. Nevertheless, there has never been an oversight within the needs of SMEs. Understanding small enterprises might require protection too, AIG has therefore offered SME Package to interested businesses.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get the specifics of the support offered and also get a quote upon supplying important information. In accordance with their needs, customers can also get a meeting with nearby agents and many more for a piece of more more information regarding AIG’s services.

Taking innovation in marketing to a higher level, AIG Malaysia recently worked as well as Lazada to give online insurance purchases in their partner’s platform. With the way, customers can have a more friendly online shopping experience for his or her insurance protection will be approved within just 72 hours upon successful purchase and registration.

OurShop, the future of e-commerce

Electronic commerce, referred to as e-commerce, is the act of buying and merchandising of goods or services on the net. These transactions often involve money and the sale of physical products, have a tendency to also include the transfer the information of internet data and information. An illustration of this a web-based e-commerce web site is OurShop, a platform that offers numerous merchandise from local retailers to duty-free shops everywhere across the planet.

How to use an e-commerce website?

It’s very easy to order online employing an e-commerce platform. First, browse through the different categories available on the website. Pick an item that you like and then add it to cart. As you proceed to payment, you’ll get to choose some shipping options. By using OURSHOP, there is an option of picking up your duty-free items before, after as well as during your flight.

Very Last Minute Travelling Needs

E-commerce has produced impacts regarding the travelling industry in many ways. As a consequence of e-commerce, customers are now able to book for tickets and hotels without visiting travel agencies anymore. Besides online booking, e-commerce also made it simpler for travellers to shop for travelling gear include things like adapters and power banks.


Fulfill your beauty needs

E-commerce has made bath and body goods more accessible with regard to the public. With only a click, shoppers can obtain sheet masks, hand creams and perfume from different aspects of the planet. You will also find an abundance of beauty brands that sell their products on online retailers and deliver directly to homes, eliminating the need to visit an actual physical store. the online shopping experience. Aided by the power of e-commerce, it’s simple to order any beauty product throughout the globe. Many beauty brands have e-commerce websites of their very own that enable users to purchase their goods, no matter whether they’re on the opposite side of the planet. Many of the bath and body goods you can buy online are face masks, lipsticks and perfumes.

Fancy some alcohol?

One of these perks of duty-free shopping is buying alcohol at a very much less expensive price. Browsing the choices through OurShop enables you to shop at your individual pace for any more thorough shopping experience. You could buy vodka, wine, whiskey, rum, and also other styles of alcohol internet and get them at the airport. Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

Shopping for Electronic Products

With e-commerce, it is very easier for purchasers to check prices between electronic gadgets and receive the specified information prior to making a buying decision. Purchasing an electronic digital device via internet also may include the benefit of getting someone deliver it straight to your own house, specifically if you’re ordering heavier and greater items like the televisions.

Changing the food industry with e-commerce

Just before internet and e-commerce, people was required to get food from restaurants or purchase groceries at supermarkets. Now days, you can aquire food and beverage through the internet and get it delivered straight away to the home. Besides local food items, customers could perhaps buy international foods over the internet which might be unavailable in local stores.

Fashion and the E-Commerce Industry

The world wide web has made searching for clothes, shoes and fashion accessories easier for many consumers. Many fashion brands arrive with an e-commerce website intended for their customers and then make shopping for their products and services convenient. You won’t ever really need to look for a fashion boutique in the future to consider a couple of earrings or shoes.

E-commerce is the future

A realistic look at the e-commerce world is that it is adaptable to change. New concepts providing consumers convenience could be more appealing. With OurShop, shoppers definitely obtain that luxury. Visit ourshop.com to shop for duty-free items and collect the products at the airport or in-flight. Fundamentally the perfect shopping platform for jetsetters and seasoned travellers. Shop now, on https://www.ourshop.com/.

RHB Bank: Much More Than Just Loans & Credit Cards

RHB Bank happens to be one of the most comprehensive integrated financial services group in Malaysia. With a vision to further grow its business in the SEA region, they’ve already thus far ventured into 10 countries which comprise of Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Singapore, amongst others. To help make business expansion just as possible, a variety of service are offered to consumers to serve both personal and business needs.

Individuals and businesses have the freedom to create their savings and current account with RHB Bank conveniently and take pleasure in a reasonably competitive interest rates as they put in money into their accounts. Whenever they intend to make any transactions online, they can easily use internet banking services, RHB Now. For conventional transactions, they’re able to access the ATM & CDM machines and also any MEPS ATM quite easily for withdrawal.

As the Bank witnesses the change of trend from the good old purchasing method with cash to an online purchase, they noticed that there is an elevating demand for credit cards. Counting on the results from studies conducted that indicates the public’s increasing worldwide recognition towards online payment, it really is undisputed that offering credit card services is amongst the main approach RHB Bank really needs to be pushing forward-and they did precisely that.

RHB Bank

Feeling the need to narrow the gap between supply and demand, RHB Bank goes further and also has begun offering credit card solutions with an array of benefits compared to the other banks, such as cashback rewards for cardholders when they purchase more using a credit card.

Nonetheless, the Bank realizes that banking is more than just about credit cards and savings account. These days, most individuals turn to loans to buy asset, yet getting a loan approval is definitely a frustrating process. So, RHB Bank had created a flexible plan for everyone with minimal interest rate for numerous different types of loans. In addition, personal financial investment, unit trust, as well as insurance plans are also made available.

For business people and organizational entities, RHB Bank is providing corporate banking facilities. They’re now able to engage with the Bank either for investment banking or perhaps to make business loan. If the customers are interested, they even can sign up for RHB Bank’s online cash management services.

There certainly is one special group of customers that might reap the most benefits from this: the SMEs. The services made available by RHB Bank will help make it possible for them to gain more capital to develop their business through making loan application. Meanwhile, SMEs in the e-commerce industry are also able to subscribe to RHB’s reliable retail solutions.

Despite, the bank has never lost attention on Syariah-compliant financial instruments. That is mostly because of great demand by the the general public in Malaysia. That being said, banking facilities that adhere to the minimum Syariah requirement such as Islamic treasury, Islamic corporate banking, unit trust, and wealth management services are now being introduced.

A tremendous 24 annual brand value growth have already been seen by the Bank in 2016, which places them as among the top 5 domestic banking players. Seeing the future market growth potential, RHB Bank has equipped themselves with more rigorous and efficient tactics to further grow its value and market share in the long term.