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Emperikal is regarded as the top digital marketing agency Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Emperikal’s work is centred on results-driven marketing, helping reach a wide selection of clients and implementing strategies with the biggest influence. In a world where marketing and advertising are constantly shifting and evolving, we can help keep your number one.

Emperikal began its work inside the online marketing industry in 2017 and has grown dramatically to become a complete and substantial selection of services. You can select between SEO, Consulting, Performance Marketing, Social Media, Web Development, and others. With one of these services, it is possible to harness the industry to your advantage.

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Emperikal’s inspiring services can provide you with newsletter images and layout, social network creative belongings, product sales products, branding and design, and more! Our production process is geared towards producing creative, appealing designs that attract your target market or new audiences.

Emperikal’s social internet marketing services are designed to deliver lasting results. We manage your online community campaign from start to end and may help in web development, art direction, and content creation. We also follow through after launch to evaluate and improve your results.

Content marketing is crucial for those businesses, possibly at Emperikal, we can strengthen your content stand out from everyone else in the competition. Our writing and editing services can assist produce high-quality content marketing tools to establish your brand as an efficient source of information in your audience.

Construct your target market and company marketing today with Emperikal’s digital marketing agency Kuala Lumpur services. With your results-driven model, we assist you to beat its competitors by attracting better value for your audiences. If you wish to discover more about our services, visit to take a look at the choices.

Anda mahu hidangan yang segera, tapi mahu rasa yang luar biasa? Di sini kami kongsikan beberapa ramuan rahsia yang akan membuatkan hidangan MAGGI® mee anda menjadi lebih kaw, seolah-olah ia disajikan oleh tukang masak profesional.


Semangkuk MAGGI® mee yang sederhana boleh jadi istimewa dengan sebiji telur yang dididihkan sekali dengan mi segera anda. Sebiji telur akan menambah tekstur istimewa pada kuah – putih telur yang lembut digabung dengan keenakan kuning telur yang dapat memekatkan sedikit kuah mi dan memberi rasa lemak yang sungguh padu.

Jika anda mahu mi MAGGI® a la ramen Jepun, rebus beberapa biji telur untuk beberapa minit. Jangan biarkan ia terlalu masak  – buat telur rebus dengan kuning telur yang agak cair sedikit. Letakkan potongan telur rebus itu ke dalam mi untuk dijamah bersama.

Maggi MY


Mungkin tambahan produk tenusu seperti susu dan keju ini kedengaran amat aneh. Tetapi bayangkan semangkuk laksa Sarawak yang penuh dengan keenakan rasa lemak santan. Begitu juga dengan semangkuk mi segera, anda boleh perkayakan rasanya dengan ramuan ini.

Pastikan MAGGI® mee pilihan anda ini mempunyai perisa pedas, seperti MAGGI® kari atau tom yam. Tambahan keju atau apa-apa produk tenusu ke dalam mi yang kurang pedas tidak begitu sesuai kerana ia akan buat anda berasa cepat muak. 

Cara paling mudah adalah dengan menggunakan kepingan keju cheddar yang kita sering guna dalam sandwic atau burger. Letak sekeping keju ini di atas MAGGI® anda yang masih panas. Gaulkan sehingga ia cair sebati dan nikmati MAGGI® anda dengan puas.


Anda bosan dengan semangkuk MAGGI® yang kosong dan sama? Meriahkan mi segera anda hanya dengan potongan sosej yang dididihkan sekali bersama MAGGI® anda. 

Sosej ini boleh menjadi pengganti daging atau ayam dalam hidangan mi segera anda. Dengan tambahan ini, juadah MAGGI® anda akan menjadi amat istimewa – anda akan lupa bahawa ia hanyalah mi segera! 

Kalau nak lebih syok, masukkan lebih banyak ramuan seperti isi ketam, bebola ikan, dan bebola ayam.

Daun bawang

Tak ada sosej, keju ataupun telur?

Taburkan sahaja semangkuk MAGGI® anda dengan hirisan daun bawang segar yang menghijau. Selain daripada aroma daun bawang yang boleh memberi rasa yang sungguh padu pada mi anda, warna hijau terang ramuan ini juga dapat menambah seri pada sajian ini. 

Walaupun ia hanya mi segera biasa, tambahan hirisan daun bawang ini membuatkan ia kelihatan seperti semangkuk mi yang dimasak oleh chef profesional. Kalau tak percaya, cubalah hari ini!

Sebelum anda mahu cuba ramuan ini, anda mestilah kena ada MAGGI® dahulu! Dapatkan daripada pelbagai jenis mi MAGGI® sekarang mengikut citarasa anda. Layari sahaja untuk maklumat lanjut. 

IKEA’s Tale

IKEA is a popular manufacturer that symbolizes ‘democratic โซฟา design’ to make quality goods available for many people. Specially designed for flat packing and personal-set up, IKEA maintains price ranges reasonably priced by ensuring practical buy and transportation. IKEA is definitely an embodiment of layout excellence. It absolutely was accorded the Reddish coloured Dot Prize in 2019.

IKEA’s Newest And Top-selling Products

IKEA Thailand’s most up-to-date items are wearable extras from the EFTERTRÄDA merchandise series. IKEA Sequence gives furniture ideas for house preparation, whilst IKEA Assortment allows you to generate efficient places that suit your personal tastes. Uncover the probable combinations of bestsellers like PELLO armchair and BILLY bookcase.

Decorate Your Spaces With IKEA

IKEA has a wide array of household products and furnishings to produce efficient and aesthetic living spaces. Develop a conducive yet comfortable operating place with IKEA’s seating and desks to maintain your attention to your activities. Comprehensive your property cuisine experience with IKEA’s kitchen area eating utensils and cooking equipment like coffeemakers and planting pots.


Be Inspired With IKEA Tips

Get motivated with IKEA tips for your living spaces. IKEA ideas supply lifestyle and design recommendations that assist you in making the best out of your home. Learn how to create your room or living room into a cosy haven, or get decor suggestions and cleaning up strategies for your house and eating region.

Need Help? IKEA’s Help Is Ready For Yourself

Please have a look at our website for an array of planning equipment to assist you in visualising and style every room based on your needs. Experiment with the layout creatively by leaving the position of making your dream house possible to us. Contact us of experts through email for assistance with online solutions for home, PAX wardrobe, BESTÅ or Bathrooms.

Can come to Dine at IKEA Bistro

Check out the brand new EFTERTRÄDA’ food list specially curated to celebrate the kick-off of IKEA Thailand’s very first-ever goods assortment! Look through our newly released menus of tasty bistro foods of back ribs and fowl satay because the primary course, and doing it with sweets. Try out the newest IKEA vegetation balls to get a more healthy and lasting choice.

Check out IKEA Thailand Retailers Right now

Visit IKEA Thailand retailers or search our online shop for contactless shipping and delivery and assemblage solutions from your home. You can find our shops at Bangna, Bang Yai and Phuket. Do check our site before preparing to prepare your visit. We have constantly modernised our functioning time to generate a risk-free store shopping environment according to protection guidelines.

Store IKEA For All Your Redecorating Requirements

IKEA is surely a worldwide home supplying company that gives practical and inexpensive โซฟา for those. IKEA’s revolutionary and fuss-totally free method of performing things has outpaced its competition, constantly getting the main thing on supplying interesting new items for daily life. Offered in-retailer and internet-based, you may store whenever and everywhere.

Insurance coverage provides economic help in the case of any losses, such as cash flow decrease. This is particularly crucial when you have a family or dependents, minimizing financial anxiety during sad situations. As one of Malaysia’s top-rated insurance coverage agencies, AIG Malaysia will help fulfil your MyGuardian Personal Accident insurance policy requirements using its versatile and vast-which range plans.

Every individual must have four essential insurance plans in their day-to-day lives- home, automobile, travelling, and private accident insurance policy. AIG Malaysia provides guidelines for every one of these instances to protect you from all perspectives. Whether you may well be in everyday life, look at acquiring an insurance policy with AIG.

AIG’s Travel Insurance coverages consist of both domestic and international vacation alternatives. AIG handles a few of the occasions that come with insurance coverage of medical expenses in the event of unanticipated incidents or disease, late air flights, dropped luggage, plus more. Travel with reassurance, realizing that you are properly protected!

AIG Malaysia

When you are a house owner, you should consider getting some home insurance to protect yourself against unnecessary charges that could get if your house or its contents are broken. Home insurance helps safeguard you against disasters and robbery or robbery. AIG offers fiscal help if you demand choice lodging.

AIG’s Auto Insurance plans make sure that both you and your car are shielded from accidents, burglary or blazes. We have several flexible ideas for our clients, and our claims are simple and fast to produce, with fast answer instances. Furthermore, AIG can also cover your liabilities for other functions if required.

Individual Automobile Accident Insurance plans are important in the event of unexpected and unpredicted crashes. AIG provides six simple tactics to fit your specific requirements and put on positive aspects like everyday medical centre income and health care costs reimbursements. This insurance policy is additionally an annual insurance coverage merchandise.

AIG Malaysia is dedicated to assisting your family in having reassurance realizing that our insurance coverage safely protects you. Whether or not you’re looking for property insurance, auto insurance, or personal automobile accident insurance policy, all our policies are extensive and flexible, with an array of put-on plans. Visit to learn more about MyGuardian Personal Accident.

Whether you are preparing elaborate meals for the family, whipping up a simple lunch or grabbing a quick bite — it is essential to be mindful of kitchen safety. Potential hazards are everywhere in the kitchen, with the risk of fire from the gas, spills that lead to a slippery floor, food poisoning and many more. From keeping kitchen utensils in place to purchasing personal accident insurance, here are simple ways to safety-proof your kitchen to protect you and your family from kitchen hazards.

Learn how to handle a fire

Generally, more than half of accidental fires are started by cooking — making the kitchen the highest fire risk area at home. Unattended cooking stoves and electrical appliances can lead to fire hazards; that is why you should always keep an eye out for your food when it is cooking. You might walk away from the stove to do something else while waiting for the kettle to boil or your dish to finish cooking, so set a timer to remind yourself when the food is ready! Under circumstances where your pan or wok catches fire, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire instead of water as it causes the oil to splash and spread the fire! In the case of a huge fire, do not panic and avoid taking risks — turn off the heat if you can, then leave the kitchen and dial for emergency services immediately.

How to Put out and Prevent a Kitchen Fire:

Check on your electrical appliances

With so many electrical appliances for easier meal preparation, the convenience comes at a price — boiling water, hot surfaces, tangled wires and electricity are potent recipes for kitchen hazards; hence it is important to take safety precautions when using electrical appliances. Firstly, ensure the wires, cords and plugs of your appliances are not frayed or malfunctioning. Worn-out appliances and faulty electrical outlets draw a lot of power, which quickly heat up and catch fire. Keep your kitchen safe by replacing outdated electrical wiring with new ones to ensure that your wires have the capacity to handle the increased electrical load of modern appliances such as a coffee maker, pressure cooker and many more. Common problems that indicate the need for a wiring change are flickering lights, overheated electrical appliances, burning smells and electrical sparks from appliances.

Keep kitchen utensils in place

Besides fire hazards, kitchen utensils also pose a significant risk of physical injuries. Keep sharp and breakable objects like knives, glass dinnerware and blenders in knife blocks and cabinets to prevent easy reach from the kids and elderly. Storing them in a designated place also makes kitchen utensils easier to find and your kitchen more organised. As soon as you take the pot off, make sure to turn off the burners immediately — remember to use a well-insulated pot holder to remove hot objects to prevent scalding! Keep flammable items such as tea towels, pot holders and cloths away from your stove. 

AIG Malaysia

Purchase a personal accident insurance

Observing basic kitchen safety rules is a good habit to develop; why not take personal safety a step further with AIG’s personal accident insurance? The plan provides coverage from severe burns to long-term hospitalization, providing you with financial support in the case of accidents. With the lump sum payout of certain benefits that come with the insurance plan, rest assured that you and your family is taken care of should anything happen! For more information, head over to and understand how personal accident insurance can benefit you.