Is the Shaves2U Awesome Shave Kit really awesome?

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I received a Shaves2U Awesome Shave Kit from my mother as a gift last month. According to her, she said she was tired of seeing me using the same old razor for so long. I wasn’t sure how to feel about that, but I appreciate her thoughts.

Five pieces of blade cartridges, a swivel handle, a tube of shaving cream and aftershave cream comes in the Awesome Shave Kit. I received a 6 blade cartridge, but according to the website, other blade cartridges fit on the swivel handles as well.

A month-long of testing

Since I got the gift, I might as well test it.

The handle is light and easy on the hands compared to other brands. It’s flexible and reaches all the hard-to-reach spots on my face. With the sharp blades, it shaves the hair off my face easily. After switching to Shaves2U products, I find myself spending lesser time in the bathroom because of how efficient the razors are.

I never realised how cooling and refreshing shaving cream is on the skin. I also learned that it helps to hydrate and lubricate our skin before a shave from this Shaves2U article. Applying shaving cream certainly helps in my shaving routine.

If my father never used shaving creams, it’s safe to say that he’d never used aftershave creams too. Since I used aftershave creams, I had friends and family come up to me and say I smell great. I was surprised by the attention, but I welcome it!

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What makes it awesome?

I was impressed with the quality of the Shaves2U product, but I think I’m more impressed by their low prices.

I got the Awesome Shave Kit as a gift, but after some digging around on their website, I learned that Shaves2U products are more affordable than other brands. If I’d known about them sooner, I could have saved some cash on equally high-quality products!


I can’t say the Awesome Shave Kit is awesome for everyone, but it is awesome for me. I’m glad my mother got me this gift, and I’m seriously considering to subscribe to their monthly subscription plan.

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